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Bunk Bed Safety Nets for RV’s, Trailers, Houseboats, and Home!

Industrial Strength Bunk Bed Safety Net.

Traveling across the country in an RV can be one of the most exciting memory making events in ones lifetime.  Having a child injured during a vacation by rolling out of bed at night can make memories you weren’t wanting to make. Tuck the worries to bed with the OrganizedObie Bunk Bed Safety Net.  Handcrafted right here in the United States using double stitching and ultra strong nylon netting material, it will keep even the most restless of sleepers safe and sound. has an excellent article on what to do if a child falls out of a bed that is 3ft or higher off of the floor.  It is called: “What Are the Danger Signs to Look for When Kids Fall Out of a Bed.” by Sharon Perkins.   According to the article, the basics are these:

Behavior Changes

Children who have a head injury from a fall from the bed may lose consciousness. Passing out, even briefly, should be investigated by medical personnel. Call 911 if a child remains unconscious. Top bunk bed injuries are most serious, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital reports; skull fractures and concussion occur most often when children fall onto an uncarpeted surface. A child with an internal head injury may seem fine after the accident but may become progressively sleepy, unresponsive or lethargic. She may complain of a severe headache or cry for a prolonged period if she isn’t old enough to verbalize what’s bothering her. Any sign of altered mental status reqiures medical investigation.

Vital Sign Changes

A child with a head injury after falling out of bed may become pale or even blue and could present shallow, irregular breathing. Vomiting once is common after a fall, but vomiting three or more times may be a sign of head injury, so have the child checked by medical personnel.

Altered Movement

A child who falls out of bed may break a bone; the clavicle is a common fracture, but arms and legs also can break in a fall. Inability to move an extremity, limping, complaining of pain when moving, swelling or abnormal position of the bone or the area around it may indicate fracture. Head injuries can cause a loss of coordination; a child may stagger, fall or be unable to walk in a straight line. If you suspect any type of neck or spinal injury, do not move the child; call 911 and wait for medical personnel.

Ocular Changes

Children who fall from the bed and have a head injury may have obvious visual changes. Their eyes may cross or roll or move rapidly from one side to another, a movement called nystagmus. One pupil may be more dilated than the other. Older children may complain of double vision or blurred vision, Dr. Sears notes. Ocular changes should be reviewed by a doctor.

Cuts and Bruises

A child who falls from the bed may be bleeding, especially if he fell onto an object on the floor. Check to see that the bleeding is controlled, stops easily and isn’t spurting from the wound. Wounds that are gaping may need stitches and should be evaluated by medical personnel. Check the child for bruising, which may be a sign of injury that might not otherwise be immediately apparent. A large bruise on the forehead looks scary, but even big bumps are rarely serious, Dr. Sears advises. Watch for behavior changes and apply ice to the bump.

Strength = Safety

Now that I have scared the daylights out of you, you will understand why ObeCo has made their Bunk Bed Safety Net so strong and durable. We too have kids, and if the Bunk Bed Safety Net does anything, it helps us sleep better at night.

ObeCo designed the replacement for the bunk bed rail to be super easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips bit, a tape measure, some masking tape, and you are good to go.  They pre-burn burn holes into the netting so that when you screw the net to the base of the bed, it will not tear or weaken the fabric.  It’s like a pilot hole for fabric.

Burn Hole close up

What a burn hole looks like in our Bunk Bed Safety Net.

Low profile metal bars are then screwed to the ceiling or walls, depending on your preference.

Low profile metal bars to firmly hold the bunk bed safety net.

This allows for our seatbelt style safety buckles to attach quickly and easily.

Safety Seat Belt Technology

Safety Seat Belt Buckles to Keep the Kids Safe and Sound.

Mounting Screws for the Bunk Bed Safety Net

The reinforced flat head mounting screw will hold the net in place without ripping the nylon and without separating the seams.

The webbing used for their straps and nets are the same used in their warehouse Pallet Rack Safety Nets. If they can keep 1200 lb skids safe, they should be able to handle the little cherubs quite nicely.

Warehouse Safety Netting strong

Bunk Bed Safety Net in Thor Motor Coach

Check out how nice it looks in the latest Thor Motor Coach.

Bunk Bed Rail Replacement Net

Bunk Bed Rail Replacement Net

Bunk Bed Net in a Bunk House.

Little Ivy Sleeping Demonstration.

Little Ivy demonstrates how easy it is to put the net away for the day in their latest video.  Check her out on the video on the link below.

Check out the instructional video on how to install the Bunk Bed Safety Net.

Check them out:

So protect your chillins, protect your vacation and ease your mind with our Bunk Bed Safety Net.  Even if you don’t get the ObeCo Bunk Bed Safety net, please get something. You will thank me later. (Gift cards and boxes of Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts are acceptable forms of Thank you’s)