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Forklift Storage and Safety

Nothing irritates a forklift driver more than when tools and equipment fall off the truck while merrily bouncing through the warehouse. Tools get lost and damaged and that’s when you find out if the operator’s been through Sailor language training.

For years I drove a fork lift in the rain, sleet, and snow.  Due to all of the tape measures, hammers, clip boards, and screwdrivers that mysteriously disappeared from my forklift, I nicknamed it The Bermuda Triangle.  Not only was it irksome losing the tools, it was even more frustrating wasting time trying to find another tool so that I could do my job. (Yes, I felt like a tool.)

The end of stress and frustration is here.  ObeCo Inc / Organized Obie has introduced a line of storage organizers specifically in mind for the forgotten forklift operator.  How ingenious is that?

Forklift Organization Nets from ObeCo Incorporated.

One of the first issues ObeCo had to confront was how to attach these organizers in a way that wouldn’t hinder the accessibility to the batteries and motor for routine maintenance and charging.  Those genius engineers over at ObeCo integrated their expertise of magnets into the mesh net organizers.  By using magnets, the organizers can easily be moved and removed for effortless access and use. Not just any magnets, mind you, but Rare Earth Neodymium magnets! The strongest magnet on the planet! Since most forklifts and tow motor exoskeletons are made of steel, the magnets work on virtually all vehicles. This makes the organizers universal in every way.  

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Schematic of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

With the attachment issue cleanly answered and engineered, the next issue to conquer was how the organizers would be used.  ObeCo queried actual living, breathing, forklift operators to get their answers. A rare and irreplaceable breed indeed. At first, the operators were a bit apprehensive as to why someone from head office was asking them questions about their job. Usually, that never means good news, but in this case, it was quite the opposite.  Once the knives, shivs, and other weapons were safely tucked away, everyone took a deep breath and proceeded to work out the frustratingly overlooked organizational void.

In a manner unique to forklift operators, union line workers, military recruits, and a girl I took out in college, they explained their plight in expletive detail.  In order to do their job, they must be as prepared as the best of Boy Scouts in having all of their tools at their disposal at any given moment.  Seeing how the normal mild mannered forklift operator is also chief maintenance man and sanitary engineer, they must be ready for anything that is thrust upon them. They are the modern day Everyman. The problem lies within the design of the tow motor itself.  There is no place to store needed tools and implements of construction. Normally things get thrown in behind the seat or put in the undersized cup holder. 

Normal forklift storage.
MacGuyver would be proud!

A cup holder…. on a forklift.. Forklifts are not known for their Smooth-o-Matic MagnaRide suspension and an actual drink in a cup holder usually ends up on the floor and or splattered all over everyone.  Even when used as a pen and garage door remote holder, the contents are usually so rattled that they jump out of the holder and commit suicide by diving under the forklift wheels. Not so anymore!

6″ x 5″ Mesh Pocket Net

Black Mesh Magnetic Pocket Net for Forklift organization
Cellphone, Marker, garage door opener mesh net.

The first item up for review on the Forklift Organization menu is the 6×5 Mesh Phone Pocket Item #OBR65BMMAG-FL. $14.95.  The cellphone pocket not only holds virtually any cellphone, but it will also hold markers, pens, garage door remotes, and other smaller items that get lost rolling around on the forklift floor.  The durable Black Mesh allows for full 360° viewing to see what the net is holding. To Purchase Click Here

Forklift Net with 65lb Neodymium Magnet

A 1” Heavy Duty Rare Earth magnet with 65lbs of pull force is riveted onto the webbing which provides easy access and movability. Operators can easily adjust nets to their particular fancy. Nets will remain safe and secure with 65lbs of pull force.  Due to the flexibility and give of the net, items naturally remain safely inside the net when the forklift is in motion using nature’s physics to help. When the forklift turns, the net sways with the negative G push keeping tools inside the net. Tools are always in the same place ready for duty.  That saves you time and money.

6″ x5″ Mesh Forklift Organization Net Pocket

10″x 12″ Forklift Mesh Pocket Net

Next on the list is the 10”x12” Black Mesh Pocket Part #OBR1012BMMAG-FL.  This pocket is the perfect size for clip boards, gloves, tools, cords, tape guns, kittens, and more.  By using 2 heavy duty magnets, this convenient pocket can hold up to 10lbs of gear. They can instantly be installed on the sides of the forklift for easy access while sitting in the chair. Also accessible while out of the cockpit.  Once you start using these, you will wonder what you did without them. To purchase Click Here

10″ x 12″ Multi Use Black Mesh Magnetic Forklift Storage Net.
Strong enough to hold hammers, extension cords, and other tools
Clipboards, gloves, and tape dispensers…

12″ x 25″ Forklift Envelope Net

Using every inch of storage space capability is their next net: the 12” x 25” Forklift Envelope Net Part # OBR1225BDENV-FL. This net mounts to the back of the forklift using FOUR of 65lb incredi-magnets.

Fanny Pack for the Forklift! Maximize every inch of storage.

It’s a fanny pack for the forklift! Most larger items (like rolls of shrink wrap) are tucked behind the captain’s seat with other refuse. The issue with shrink wrap is that things stick to it.  When pulling out the roll of shrink wrap other tools, gloves, jackets, and other paraphernalia also get pulled out. Time is then wasted throwing it all back behind the seat with a few special words of encouragement.  More stress!  Now all can be stored on the back of the forklift. Accessible on 3 sides of the forklift instead of just 2. To Purchase Click Here

14″ x 25″ Clear Double Pocket Organizer

The Ultimate Forklift Storage Net. Dual pocket. Stretch Net. Magnetic Mounts.

Last, but not least, their flagship forklift storage net: the 14”x25” Clear Double Pocket Stretch Net Organizer. Part #: OBR1425CVBSHC-FL. This net conveniently mounts on the support bars behind the captain’s chair.  Clear vinyl aids in allowing maximum visibility when empty. The stretch net is perfect for holding safety hard hats, gloves, jackets, and other items. The vinyl sleeve holds clipboards and that “ever important” paperwork that loves to fly away with the wind. Secured with four 65lb magnets with adjustment straps to fit any forklift. To Purchase Click Here

14″x 25″ Forklift Clear Pocket with Stretch Net
Forklift net loaded with tools, clip boards, tape guns, etc.
Stretchy enough to store a safety helmet.

How efficient will ObeCo Forklift Organizers make your operator?  Remember the TV show Seinfeld when Jerry helped Newman the mail carrier by delivering mail and they knew it wasn’t Newman because too many people got their mail? That’s what it will be like for the forklift operators.  They’ll get so much work done on time and their replacement budget for lost tools will wane that the head office will think something fishy is going on.  Operators stress levels will decrease so much that people will think there was an Invasion of the Body Snatchers and they have been snatched or that they got right with God.

ObeCo guarantees when you take care of your forklift operators by letting them “pimp their ride” with ObeCo Forklift Organization Nets that during, perhaps a weak moment, you might actually see them crack a smile. 

Just another testament to the dedication and determination of ObeCo’s life’s purpose of reducing stress through organization of all forklift operators of the world.  Happy forklift drivers, happy life!

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Instaling Forklift Nets are quick and painless

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