Ultimate Pocket Door Holder 5 1/2" Loop

Part #: OBR-SP75BPTJ-13
Net Weight: 1.00 oz

ObeCo offers the best solution on the market for holding RV pocket doors in transit.  The Ultimate Pocket Door Holder is great for replacing problematic straps and snaps.  Easier to grab and use with easy bungee cords.  Helps arthritis sufferers.  Ultimate Pocket Door Holders are made with durable nylon infused fiberglass, marine grade bungee, a pull tab, J-Hook, and mounting hardware. 

Ultimate Pocket Door Latches can be used for a variety of additional applications.  Be creative!

 Part #:  OBR-SP75BPTJ-13

Product Details:

  • 5 1/2" bungee loop
  • Pull tab for easy attachment and removal
  • J-Hook to attach bungee loop
  • Comes with 2- 1 1/4" screws


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Ultimate Pocket Door Holder Installation Tutorial  (Pocket Door Holder shown in tutorial is the smaller version.  Installation is the same.)

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