Stretch net (8” and 20”)

Part #: NET-8SN, NET-20SN
Net Weight: oz

ObeCo Incorporated is the number one manufacturer of custom cargo and storage nets for mobile storage applications in the US and Canada. With more than a dozen materials to choose from and a large variety of mounting options, ObeCo is able to accommodate OEM's, distributors, and retail customers with the cargo netting options to store, organize, and retain an abundance of items.

Best selling Stretch Net is great for a variety of applications.  Stretch Net can be used for either storage or cargo restraints.  We offer 8" and 20" Stretch Net (The 8" stretches nicely from 8" to 14") in bulk. 

Part #:NET-8SN, NET-20SN

Product Details: 

Approximately 1" holes

Stretches from 8" to 14" in width


20" Stretch Net (stretches nicely from 20" to 34") in bulk.  

Part #: OBR-NET-20SN

Product Details:

  • Approximately 1" holes
  • Stretches from 20" to 34" in width
  • Elastic material allows the net to stretch in all directions
  • Black Stretch Net

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