Model 108 Cord n' Cable Clips

Part #: LCD-108
Net Weight: .2 lbs

Tame the wild cords behind your electronics with new Cord n’ Cable Clips Cord Management!

Do the cords and cables behind your TV, computer, or game consoles look like spaghetti junction?  Does is seem like they multiply when you’re not looking?  Do you want to end cord clutter now?

OberCo has a simple, affordable, cord management solution: New Master Mounts Cord n’ Cable Clips!

Cord n’ Cable Clips help organize and route your cords and cables, creating a more efficient, uncluttered behind-the-scene situation. The clips are backed with double faced foam adhesive so they can attach, both horizontally and vertically, to smooth, non-porous surfaces. They come in a pack of 10 that includes three different clip sizes.  Each clip will hold 1-6 cords, depending on the cord sizes. Clips easily snap open when re-routing is required. 

There are many benefits to managing your cords.  Your space looks neater, you protect your spendy AV equipment and cords, and your cords are out of sight of kids and pets.  

Each Set of 10 clips includes 4 small clips, 2 medium clips, and 2 large clips. Comes on a retail card. 

Construction: Plastic
Color: Black
Unit Size in Package: 7.5 x 4.75 x 1"  1.6 oz



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