Heavy Duty Sewable Magnet

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Magnetic buttons (also known as button magnets) are made of thin neodymium magnets with steel covers then sealed in soft PVC. The rare earth neodymium magnets provide maximum magnetic strength. The steel covers are Zn-plated to make it durable in wet conditions.

The magnetic buttons are usually used in pairs for clothes, blankets, bags etc. To make the magnetic button waterproof and sew-able, they are PVC coated on the button surface. This kind of magnetic button is different from normal button magnets in that they are hidden in the products where they are used. By using the hidden PVC magnetic buttons, the appearance of application products are not affected.

We currently have two stock sizes of waterproof  button magnets. Custom magnets can be made according to the customer's needs.

ObeCo's sew-able magnets are strong because of the neodymium magnet material which assures top performance of hidden magnetic buttons. They are also durable in that they use the high quality PVC allowing them to be washable.


Heavy Duty Sew-able Magnets.  

1 15/16" square. 

1/8" thick

Magnet 1" round

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