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SURE-SEAL is available in tape and gasket form and provides a 100% seal against air and water without the need of additional caulk.  A unique combination of resins and wax allows a screw to be run through the material creating a seal without binding.  Ladder feet can be difficult to seal and SURE-SEAL provides a nearly effortless solution ensuring a watertight seal.

A 10 Year Warranty and complete penetration of saturants prove you can't specify or buy a more advanced foam sealant tape.  SURE-SEAL possesses the sealing characteristics of closed cell foams, but not the compression set and compression restrictions of closed cell foams.  SURE-SEAL possesses the compression/recovery characteristics of a sponge, but will not absorb water more than 5% and will last more than twenty years. 

SURE-SEAL expands to seal between surfaces.  Stops air, vapor, moisture, dust, sound and vibration.  SURE-SEAL provides you with a dry saturant and strong adhesive backing for installation.  Seal Surfaces remain dry, dirt-free and touchable.  At 50% compression SURE-SEAL provides a 100% seal against air and water.

Use SURE-SEAL to eliminate the messy caulking process in: Boats - RV's - Cargo Trailers - Aircraft - Plumbing/Heating/Cooling - Construction

SURE-SEAL is an effective sealing solution ANYTIME you are permanently mating two parts together.

SURE-SEAL is available in tapes and custom gaskets.



  • Need Replacing
  • Wind-up on Screws
  • Lose Saturant
  • Bleed
  • Leak out of Joint
  • Fail to Adhere
  • Dry out
  • Crack
  • Need trimming or Clean Up
  • Fail to Seal
  • Loosen from Vibration
  • Permit Air Passage
  • Be Damaged by Over-Compression

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