8x12 Framed Nets

Part #: OB812GDFRAME
Net Weight: 5.8 oz

ObeCo Framed Nets help create functional storage pockets on any open wall space.  These fantastic storage solutions are constructed with the netting material of your choice and are completed with a powder-coated steel frame that can be mounted to virtually any wall, ceiling, door, or whatever you can imagine. 

  • 8”x12”  comes in stretch, black diamond, grey diamond, and honeycomb.
  • OB812GDFRAME: 8”x12” Grey Diamond Framed Net
  • OB812TDFRAME:  8”x12” Tan Diamond Framed Net
  • OB812BDFRAME: 8”x12” Black Diamond Framed Net
  • OB812BSHCFRAME: 8”x12” Stretched Black Framed Net
  • OB812HCFRAME: 8”x12” Honeycomb Black Framed Net

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Picture shown Black frame with Stretch netting: OB812BDFRAME: 8”x12” Black Framed Net

Product Details:

  • Mounts flush on any open wall space
  • Available in 4 different styles including 3 different colors
  • Includes 5 mounting P-clamps and screws
  • Simply attach the P-clamps in the 4 corners of the frame grabbing the net and frame at the same time.  Run the provided screws through the P-clamps into any open wall space.

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