12" x 16" Framed Nets

Part #: OB1216GDFRAME
Net Weight: 1.2 lbs

ObeCo Framed Nets help create functional storage pockets on any open wall space.  These fantastic storage solutions are constructed with the netting material of your choice and are completed with a powder-coated steel frame that can be mounted to virtually any wall, ceiling, door, or whatever you can imagine.

  • 12”x16” comes in stretch, black diamond, grey diamond, and honeycomb.
  • OB1216GDFRAME:      12”x16” Grey Diamond Framed Net
  • OB1216TDFRAME,      12”x16” Tan Diamond Framed Net
  • OB1216BDFRAME,      12”x16” Black Diamond Framed Net
  • OB1216BSHCFRAME,  12”x16” Stretched Black Framed Net
  • OB1216HCFRAME:      12”x16” Honeycomb Black Framed Net


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Picture shown Black frame with Stretch netting: OB1216BSHCFRAME: 12”x16” Stretched Black Framed Net

Product Details:

  • Mounts flush on any open wall space
  • Available in 4 different styles including 3 different colors
  • Includes 5 mounting P-clamps and screws
  • Simply attach the P-clamps in the 4 corners of the frame grabbing the net and frame at the same time.  Run the provided screws through the P-clamps into any open wall space.

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